Luke Webb Artist and Sculptor header - Fine art, Sculpture, Installation, Assemblage, Bronze, painting and drawing

In 1992 I visited the painter Gerda Sutton at her atelier in Paris. Seeing her powerful work first hand and hearing about her fascinating life inspired me to follow my own unique path and avoid the 'Britart' bandwagon. During my Fine Art degree I attended the Art School in Nantes as part of a student exchange. I noticed from the many elegant monuments that the French have long been masters of public sculpture. This experience spurned an interest in art's role in society which continues to influence my artistic development.

After graduating from Falmouth I undertook a two-year paid residency at a large riverside studio on London's Southbank. There, I played a leading role in the Southwark Festival and took part in a number of well-publicised national and international shows. During this time I was offered a place on the Sculpture MA at the Royal College of Art. However, a growing interest in the applied arts and a desire to try something new led to a career in design and I spent the next 12 years working in some of London's busiest studios.

Following my art hiatus, the design experience I gained helped me to redefine my fine art career and led to forming the public art studio and consultancy, Offbeat Creations. I now divide my time between personal work and public art commissions.


My work deals with the grey area of human experience: whether it's traditional or new media, I strive to create work that is strongly felt if not easily explained. Romanticism and a strong interest in figure drawing underpin my approach to public sculpture, ensuring it is both accessible and compelling.